Arrow Back Windsor Chair k-019


Product name: Arrow Back Windsor Chair
Model Number:k-019
Usage: Livingroom Furniture, pubs, Hotel
Color: White, Natural, Black, Walnut, Customized
Function: Home, Hotel, Restaurant, Wedding
, Garden, Coffee
Materials: Oak Wood
Samples: yes
Customized: Accept Customized
Lead Time:20-30/Day

Delivery Time: Processing Time + Shipping Time

Processing Time: Usually 1-5 business days
Shipping Time: It depends on your selected shipping method.
Delivery Time: Processing Time + Shipping Time
Historical delivery time: 20-30/Day
Shipping: Support Express · Sea freight · Land freight · Air freight· rail transportation
Port: Guangzhou Shenzhen

Wholesale MOQ: 200 pieces

Payment terms

T/T 30%deposit 70%before Shipment

Supply Ability

10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging Details

1, External use of carton to strengthen the package
2, The packaging method can be changed according to the special requirements of customers

arrow back Windsor chair manufacturer

As a leading wholesale manufacturer of Arrow Back Windsor chairs, we take pride in crafting exquisite and timeless pieces that embody the charm and elegance of traditional craftsmanship. Our chairs are meticulously constructed using premium hardwoods, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. With a wide range of designs, including the classic arrow back, comb-back, bow-back, and more, our collection offers versatility and style to suit any restaurant or hospitality setting. Each chair undergoes a meticulous production process, combining traditional woodworking techniques with skilled artistry to create chairs that are not only visually stunning but also provide superior comfort and support. Choose our wholesale Arrow Back Windsor chairs to elevate your establishment with their timeless beauty and exceptional quality.

The production process of the arrow back Windsor chair

The production process of an Arrow Back Windsor chair involves several steps, combining traditional woodworking techniques with skilled craftsmanship. Here is a general overview of the process:

1. Material Selection: Choose high-quality wood for the construction of the chair, typically hardwood such as oak, maple, or cherry. The wood should be properly dried and free from defects.

2. Chair Frame Construction: Cut the wood into appropriate lengths and shapes for the chair’s components, including the backrest, spindles, legs, seat, and armrests. Use woodworking tools such as saws, planes, and chisels to shape and smooth the wood.

3. Backrest and Spindle Assembly: Create the curved arrow-shaped backrest by steam-bending or laminating several thin strips of wood. Attach the spindles to the backrest by drilling holes and gluing or wedging them securely into place.

4. Seat Construction: Shape the wooden seat to have a comfortable and contoured form. This can be achieved through carving, shaping, or using a lathe to turn the seat from a solid piece of wood.

5. Leg and Armrest Assembly: Attach the legs to the seat, ensuring stability and strength. If the chair has armrests, attach them to the backrest and secure them to the legs, providing additional support and comfort.

6. Joinery and Assembly: Utilize traditional joinery techniques such as mortise and tenon joints or dowels to connect the various components of the chair. These joints provide strength and stability to the overall structure.

7. Finishing: Sand the entire chair to create a smooth surface. Apply a finish such as paint, stain, or varnish to protect the wood and enhance its appearance. This step may involve multiple coats and careful application for a durable and attractive finish.

8. Quality Assurance: Inspect the completed chair for any defects, ensuring that all joints are secure and the chair is structurally sound. Make any necessary adjustments or repairs to guarantee the chair’s quality.

9. Optional Upholstery: If desired, the chair can be upholstered with fabric or leather for added comfort and style. This step involves attaching padding and upholstery materials to the seat and backrest.

10. Final Inspection and Packaging: Thoroughly inspect the finished chair to ensure it meets the required standards of quality. Once approved, package the chair securely for transport or storage, considering appropriate padding and protection.

It’s important to note that the production process can vary depending on the specific workshop or manufacturer. Skilled artisans may have their own unique techniques and variations, resulting in slight differences in the process.

How many kinds of arrow-back Windsor chairs are available

There are several different types of Arrow Back Windsor chairs available, each with its own unique design and characteristics. Here are some common variations of Arrow Back Windsor chairs:

1. Standard Arrow Back Windsor Chair: This is the classic design that features a curved arrow-shaped backrest with slender spindles and a contoured wooden seat. It typically has splayed legs and sturdy construction.

2. Comb-Back Windsor Chair: This type of Windsor chair has a comb-shaped backrest, which is taller and more pronounced than the standard arrow back. The comb-back design provides additional support and a distinctive look.

3. Bow-Back Windsor Chair: The bow-back Windsor chair has a backrest that forms a graceful bow shape. The spindles on the backrest are curved, creating an elegant and visually appealing design.

4. Fan-Back Windsor Chair: As the name suggests, the backrest of this chair resembles a fan, with a series of radiating spindles that fan out from the center. The fan-back design adds a touch of sophistication to the chair’s overall aesthetic.

5. Birdcage Windsor Chair: This style features a solid wooden hoop or cage-like structure that surrounds the backrest. The spindles pass through the hoop, giving the appearance of a birdcage. It’s a unique and visually striking variation of the Windsor chair.

6. Continuous Arm Windsor Chair: In this type of Windsor chair, the armrests are formed by a continuous, uninterrupted piece of wood that extends from one side of the chair to the other, curving up and around to create comfortable armrests.

These are just a few examples of the different types of Arrow Back Windsor chairs available. Each variation may have subtle design differences and variations in the number and arrangement of spindles, as well as differences in the shape and size of the seat.



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    • Specific Use: Dining Chair
    • General Use: Home Furniture
    • Type: Dining Room Furniture
    • Feature: Design
    • Mail packing: Y
    • Material: Wooden
    • Wood Style: Solid Wood
    • Appearance: Antique
    • Folded: no
    • Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China
    • Model Number:k-019
    • Product name: Restaurant Chairs, Wooden Chair, Wedding Chair
    • Color: Customized
    • Size: L51*W48*H97cm
    • Usage: Home, Living Room, Hotel, Restaurant
    • Style: Antique Furniture
    • Packing: Carton
    • Seat: Oakwood
    • Delivery time:30-45 Days
    • OEM/ODM: Supported
    • MOQ:200PCS


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