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Kutaie Furniture is a wholesaler and manufacturer of stools, including benches, small stools, low stools, square stools, T-stools, round stools, and long stools. With great attention to quality craftsmanship and details, we offer a diverse range of stools to meet the needs of different customers. Whether modern, rustic, industrial, or minimalist, our stools are designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any space. We value the durability and comfort of our stools. Our manufacturing process adheres to strict standards to ensure that each stool is built to last. We source the best materials and employ skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work, resulting in stools that are not only visually appealing but also sturdy and reliable.

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Stool Wholesale Specifications

Name: stool
Manufacturer: Kutaie Furniture
Category: Bar stool, counter stool, backless stool, lavatory stool, sleeper stool bench, lounge stool
Color: white, black, original wood color
Material: rubber wood, ash wood, metal, plastic, wood, fabric
Style: modern, mid-century, European, and American
Application: outdoor, hotel, home
Price: 20 USD – 100 USD
Delivery time: 15-30 days
Order quantity: from 200 pieces

The types of stools are:

1. According to the material can be divided into the solid wood stool, steel stool, plate stool, glass stool, iron stool, plastic stool, fabric stool, leather stool, leather stool, foam stool, etc.
2. According to the type can be divided into the square stool, T-stool, round stool, bench (bench), folding stool, I-stool, Z-stool, etc.
3. According to the use can be divided into horse stool, drawing stool, etc.
4. According to the physical properties can be divided into insulated chairs, anti-static chairs, conductive chairs, etc.
5. According to the structure can be divided into a fixed wooden leg chair, a fixed four-legged steel tube chair, a lifting five-star claw wheelchair, with lifting five-star claw fixed feet, etc.

When purchasing stools at wholesale, the following points need to be noted:

1. Size. When purchasing, first determine the size of the stool needed to avoid the situation where the purchase does not match the size and cannot be used.
2. Use. The use of the stool is different, and its style, material, comfort, etc. are also different. For example, office chairs need to take into account their comfort and support, while dining room chairs need to take into account stain resistance and ease of cleaning.
3. Quality. When buying, choose products of good quality and meet safety standards to protect consumers' safety in use.
4 Price. Price is not the only criterion for determining quality, but too cheap products often mean poor quality.
5. Brand. Choosing products with well-known brands and good reputations can better protect the rights and interests of consumers.
6. After-sales service. Understand the after-sales service of the supplier, including return and exchange, maintenance, and other policies, in order to avoid the situation of after-sales problems that cannot be solved after purchase.

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