Since its introduction, the Rattan dining chair has received widespread attention, because its simple and generous style is highly praised, becoming an important chair in the home, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

Material: rattan is divided into wild rattan and artificial rattan, and its price difference is relatively large.

Teng dining chairs are also more names, the most famous of which is the Chandigarh rattan chair, by the 1950s, the designer Pierre Jean Nare’s classic, after a unique inverted V-shaped leg design, by moisture and insect-resistant Burma teak as structural support, with natural rattan made of seat and backrest, comfortable, stylish, and with a touch of nostalgia.

Prices generally range from $39.00-$1000.00/Piece, with some being more expensive.

The height of the Rattan dining chairs size is between 450-500mm, and some are a little shorter.

The style is generally mainly modern minimalist fashion type, the color is mainly more of the original wood style.

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