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Searching for stylish, durable wholesale lounge chairs? kutaie is a professional recliner manufacturer, that offers a huge selection of affordable lounge chairs perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. From classic Adirondack chairs to adjustable reclining loungers and chaise lounges, we have the ideal lounge chairs for your business. Take advantage of our wholesale pricing and  shipping on bulk orders. Made from weather-resistant and sustainable materials, our lounge chairs are ideal for patios, poolside, gardens, hotels, resorts, and more. With high-quality materials and highly-rated customer service, get the perfect lounge chairs for your next project with our diverse wholesale catalog. If you haven’t found a suitable lounge chair, we can also customize the ideal lounge chair in bulk according to your needs

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Product information about wholesale such as lounge chair

Name: lounge chair
Manufacturer: Kutaie Furniture
Color: white, black, original wood color
Material: rubber wood, ash wood, metal, plastic, wood, fabric, Wicker lounge chairs, Rattan, Bamboo
Style: modern, mid-century, European, and American
Application scenarios: outdoor, hotel, home, Patio, Poolside, Deck, Garden, Family room, Living room, Bedroom, Office
Price: 30 USD – 100 USD
Delivery time: 15-30 days
Order quantity: from 200 pieces

Japanese solid wood rattan sofa chair single Lounge Chair

Lounge chairs come in a variety of types

each offering unique features and designs to enhance relaxation and comfort. Here are some common types of lounge chairs and their corresponding names:

1. Recliner Chair: Recliner chairs allow you to recline the backrest and often extend a footrest for maximum comfort. Examples include the “Classic Recliner Chair” or the “Power Lift Recliner Chair.”

2. Chaise Lounge: Chaise lounges are long chairs with extended seats to support your legs, allowing you to stretch out and fully recline. Examples include the “Elegant Chaise Lounge” or the “Contemporary Chaise Lounge.”

3. Egg Chair: Egg chairs are distinctively shaped, with a curved backrest and often a cocoon-like design that provides a cozy and enveloping seating experience. Examples include the “Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair” or the “Modern Egg Chair.”

4. Papasan Chair: Papasan chairs feature a large, rounded seat cushion and a supportive frame, providing a comfortable and relaxed seating option. Examples include the “Wicker Papasan Chair” or the “Faux Fur Papasan Chair.”

5. Wingback Chair: Wingback chairs have high backrests that extend to form wings on the sides, offering a classic and elegant seating option. Examples include the “Traditional Wingback Chair” or the “Velvet Wingback Chair.”Lounge Chair for Nordic Vine Weaving Chair

6. Zero Gravity Chair: Zero gravity chairs are designed to distribute your body weight evenly, creating a feeling of weightlessness and reducing pressure on your joints. Examples include the “Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair” or the “Zero Gravity Massage Chair.”

7. Barcelona Chair: The Barcelona chair is an iconic lounge chair known for its sleek design, tufted leather cushions, and stainless steel frame. It offers a combination of comfort and sophistication.

8. Hammock Chair: Hammock chairs provide a suspended seating experience, typically made of fabric or woven materials, allowing you to sway gently while relaxing. Examples include the “Macrame Hammock Chair” or the “Outdoor Hanging Hammock Chair.”

These are just a few examples of the different types and names of lounge chairs available. Each type offers a unique style and functionality, allowing you to find the perfect lounge chair to create a comfortable and inviting space.

Casual Retro Chandigarh Balcony Lazy Chair

What are the Lounge Chair Features

Lounge chairs come equipped with various features that promote comfort and accessibility. Rocking lounge chairs sway gently back and forth, lulling you into a state of total relaxation. Swivel chairs freely rotate 360 degrees so you can easily view your surroundings without strain. Chairs with adjustable headrests, armrests, and leg rests enable you to customize support. Portable sunbathing lounge chairs have wheels and removable canopies, facilitating outdoor use. Finally, folding and collapsible lounge chairs save storage space when not in use. With reclining positions and convenient mobility, well-designed lounge chairs aim to create an indulgent, carefree environment focused solely on your rest.

lounge chair application scenarios

Lounge chairs are chairs that we usually enjoy our leisure time with. This chair is not as formal as dining chairs and office chairs, it has some small personality and can bring visual and physical comfort
The application of leisure chair scenes are:
1. Park: is for public rest, and entertainment places, there will generally be specifically provided for use of leisure chairs for visitors.
2. Community: is the place where people live, the public area in the community to place leisure chairs, which can provide convenience for residents.
3. Street: is the passage of pedestrians, leisure chairs placed in the street, can provide a place for passers-by to rest.
4. School: a place for students to study, in the school building, library, and other places to place leisure chairs, can provide a place for teachers and students to rest.
5. Square: is the place where people gather, place leisure chairs in the square, and can provide a place for the public to rest.
6. Tourist attractions: a place for tourists to travel, placing leisure chairs in tourist attractions, can provide a place for tourists to rest.

Wholesale lounge chairs need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Market demand: wholesalers need to consider different regions and different consumer demands for outdoor lounge chairs.
2. Price: The price is often determined by the ability to sell the product, but the price is too low and may mean that the quality is not up to par.
3. Quality: The quality of the product is a key factor in determining whether the product can be used for a long time. Wholesalers need to carefully check the details of each chair, such as the stability of the chair, service life, comfort, etc.

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