How to repair a broken solid wood chair

Many people have wooden furniture at home, but after using it for a long time, various problems will occur. When buying wholesale solid wood dining chairs, you should also choose a high-quality dining chair manufacturing supplier, so that you can minimize the maintenance of the furniture and have a longer service life. So how to repair a broken solid wood chair?

How to repair a broken solid wood chair?

  1. Chairs that are worn out or have been used for a long time will have loose legs, rungs, and railings. In this case, the parts of the chair need to be disassembled and reinstalled. Note that the parts need to be shaken gently to destroy the bonding effect of the glue, so they can be disassembled. You can also use self-locking pliers. However, padding must be provided when using it to prevent secondary damage to the chair.

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2. If the parts in the falcon slot are too loose, you need to enlarge the parts to make them firmer. If the end of the falcon head is cracked, you need to reinforce it. Apply glue on the falcon head, then wrap it tightly with thread, and then wait for the bamboo shoots to come out. When the head is dry, use glue to firmly stick the reinforced end into the falcon’s slot. When inserting it into the falcon’s head, be careful not to mess up the silk thread. Clamp the joint and let it dry.

3. if the rungs and railings of the chair are loose or have no supports, you can repair them by pouring glue into the joints of the chair. However, this method is very likely to cause secondary loosening, because the viscosity of the glue takes time. If you want to completely repair it, you need to remove the loose parts from the frame and reinstall them. If the parts are loose at both ends, you need to disassemble the entire part and assemble the chair again.

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4. If the falcon head is cracked or loose, first apply glue on it, then wrap it with silk thread, wait for the glue to dry, then connect the falcon head to the falcon groove, and then remove the adhesive between the parts and the falcon groove. Then insert each end of the component into the corresponding tenon groove. If the ends can fit tightly, apply glue on the falcon groove. Finally, insert the original loose component into its original position, and clamp the connected joint to let it Just let it dry completely.

5. If the chair legs or rungs are too loose, and the tenons are played well, you can use wooden wedges to tighten the loose parts. Use pliers to clamp the parts or let helpers fix them, and then start from the falcon head. Saw in the center of the end. The saw cut must be neat and in the middle. The depth of the cut must be the same as the depth of the component inserted into the falcon slot. Small components can be processed with a hacksaw or hacksaw. If the component is very thick, Then you need to configure the ridge saw and combination saw.

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