10 ways to match dining tables and chairs

Many of us want to have our own exclusive dining space, but do not want to break a lot of money to buy sets of dining tables and dining chairs, so how to solve these problems, we do not prevent the use of mix and match, mix and match way to help you easily solve all the problems. Mix and match flexibility and versatility, not only for you to save costs, but also to show the unique space personality. But it does not lose some of the skillfulness, the following is to introduce you to 10 different dining chairs combinations of the way it.

1, a high-backed long sofa and folding chairs need to be distributed on different sides.

Folding chairs in this dining room and the opposite of the large volume of sofas to form a sharp contrast, but by the dining table on both sides of the symmetrically placed white fabric cushioned chairs to achieve a sense of balance, so that the entire dining area looks comfortable, cozy and not lose the casual atmosphere.

2, the use of different shapes, the same color combination of dining chairs.

It is a bit like the bridesmaids pick their dresses, as long as the bride’s dress is the same tone, it does not matter how to match. Look at this dining area dining chairs in many different shapes and styles, but because they are all black, visually form a sense of unity, so it does not create a sense of incongruity.

3, using different styles of chairs and the same fabric with,

that is, by making them covered with the same fabric so that the old-style dining chairs and new-style dining chairs blend perfectly. In this dining area, dining chairs are from the combination of three forms, but because of the amazing similarity of the fabric, in the visual formation of a strong sense of unity.

4, will be equipped with upholstered dining chairs on either side of the dining table.

This is perhaps the most popular set of program design, because the obvious sense of order, often gives a good sense of vision. Matching cushioned chairs are placed on the long side of the table on one side, while the short side of the two armchairs, so that no matter how you look, the visual sense is balanced.

5, so that different styles of chairs are placed at the ends of the dining table.

In fact, the chairs do not need to be upholstered, as long as the style corresponds, it will not produce a cluttered feeling.

6, using the same style of chairs and different color matching methods.

Take a basic matching wooden chair, for example, choose the brightness or darkness of similar colors placed on the same side, like all the colors, all the middle tones, and all the bright colors can be, such a combination of dining chairs is not a bad idea.

7, using the same type of chair, different color chair cushion with the method.

That is the use of sets of dining chairs combination, with different colors and prints of chair cushions to enhance the decorative interest, no better. This dining area, yellow-green and lake blue chair cushions form a diagonal, while the plaid chair cushions are distributed in four different directions, so as to create a balanced visual experience, but also to enhance the brightness of the entire space.

8, between the same chairs using the same color matching method.

As in this dining area, dining chairs are used in the same shape and the same rattan is woven, but because they are the same earth color, not only no sense of incongruity but to emphasize a space natural relaxed and comfortable feeling.

9, when the chairs do not match, then the use of materials and shapes is similar to match the method.

If you love the collection of old-fashioned chairs, then this method of matching is a top choice. Look at this dining area design, dining table, and chairs, although the style is different, but the impact of the original wood material so that the visual can not be carefully distinguished, but to create a natural sense of rusticity.

10, sitting stools and back chairs distributed on different sides of the dining table.

Low stools instead of dining chairs, not only to save costs but also to avoid the same style on both sides of the dining chairs caused by a sense of dullness. The heavy woven sense of rattan chairs is placed on both sides of the short side of the dining table to achieve balance in the overall design, but also to create a casual, cozy dining atmosphere.

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